Friday, 11 July 2014

WC2014 - The Final Weekend

Meaningless I hear, shouldn’t be played, pointless, all words I have heard said about Saturdays 3rd Place showdown between Brazil and Netherlands.
Tell Debbie and Nav that.  This game is super important, it is all or nothing stage.  The difference between drinking free cups of water or walking up the coffee shop and asking for the fresh Large Mocha…
Brazil will have something to prove and I think that may just be the extra spur for them to win this.  I think Holland will have preferred to go home and will only be at the game physically, with their minds already thinking about what could have been…..

The final is on Sunday.  I hope its a cracker!!  Both teams going out to win the trophy for the third time…and No, they will not be able to keep it.   This trophy replaced the original World Cup “Jules Rimmet” which was handed to Brazil when they won it for a third time.  This cup was then designed (by an Italian), and Sunday will be the first time someone will have won it for a third time.  FIFA though changed the rules and nobody gets to keep this trophy.  So the winners will make do like every other winner and keep a gold plated replica.  IF you believe the rumours, then apparently there is only space on the cup for Four more winners.  That means somewhere in 2030, which apparently would make it 100 years old…  Opportunity to let the winners keep this one and create a new one…?  Im sure Jim and Shaun will not be too fussed.  Again, all or nothing between these two powerhouses.  Hard to plot them, but I loved Maradona as a kid so my allegiance will be with Argentina.  Germans, as only Germans can, will not make it easy for them.

By the way, Arsenal released their new kit and announced the signing of Alexis Sanchez.  Nice !!!  That sentence is for me and any other Gooner out there.  Statement of intent.  
After what I saw at the World Cup, the Puma tops are quite figure hugging…VERY figure hugging as you can see.  So what size do I need to pick in order for my 1 pack to not show??  I think Santi Cazorla is really breathing in his packs for the picture below… Maybe just Gael will get one this year :)

Have a lovely weekend!!!  Enjoy then football, more importantly, enjoy your family and friends!

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