Thursday, 10 July 2014

Semi Finals - Day 3

Good day to you all.  So there we have it.  Yesterday concluded the run up to the World Cup Final.
It was the mighty nations of Holland and Argentina who slugged it out.  Unfortunately all the goals for the semi finals were used up in the previous game so we had none after a whole 120 minutes.  It was still an interesting game and with Arjen Robben playing, cue the music, anything was possible for the Dutch.  The Argentinos had Leo Messi… and looked a lot to him, but he was man marked by the Best that is De Jong.  As such, game just fizzled to life now and again with no real sustained pressure from either.  Two heavyweights just jabbing their way through the rounds with no real team being able to deliver any kid of knockout hit.  We went to penalties.  Why didn’t Holland change their keeper again?  What changed from the last match to this to suggest he should stick with the same keeper from the match.  The lost 4-2 missing two of their spot kicks and the dutch keeper saving NONE of the Argentians one.  My thoughts are that the changing the keeper was actually a master stroke, fresher, more spring and bounce, it kind of mad sense.  Really think he should have again changed the keepers.  If anything to see if there was consistency behind the madness….  Guess will never know now…

All that’s left now is to determine the final four and their “official” positions from 1-4.  

To be honest, the way the tournament has gone, it is a very good and exciting Final awaiting us.  A repeat of the 1990 World Cup final that West Germany won 1-0.  Wasn’t the greatest show on earth that day.  
The Argentinians ended that game with only 9 players on the field, so they will need to be better disciplined this time round.  The game is to be played on Sunday evening UK time.  Im hoping for Goals, lots of Goals.

First however is a game on Saturday between Holland and Brazil - if the Brazilians haven’t gone AWOL by then.  The Brazilians have a point to prove, if only to themselves.  They failed to turn up (let alone deliver) to a World Cup semi final, something that only happens (if you are German) once every 4 years.  They have to show they care.  Doesn’t matter how they play, but a performance and result will be more important than ever.  

Good luck to both.  
Be good and have yourself a great Thursday

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