Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Semi Finals - Day 1

From presidents to queens, the world leaders just can’t help getting caught up in the passion of it all…  Even Irans leader tweeted a pic of himself.  Take a look for yourself...

So what now…?  Today is the first semifinal….  A repeat of the Final in 2002.  Brazil beat Germany 2-0 on that occasion.  However, they were a little more “Brazil” like than this years particular team.  

Therefore 4 powerhouses of Football left, ready to slug it out for that one chance to become 2014 World Champions!!
They will all want it badly, for many reasons.  Personally, the way I see it, its has to be an all South American showdown.  
A battle between two nations, who from a historic and political sense, seem to get on….but put both teams out on a football pitch, and its pretty much all out Tribal war.  They really dislike each other on that pitch and debate about who is THE GREATEST, Pele or Maradona.  Messi or Neymar… (Note - Neymars World Cup is now over after fracturing a lower vertebrate - its a shame for Brazilians and football fans alike)…

Argentina fans have been singing this throughout the tournament.   
"Brasil, Decime Qué Se Siente / Tener En Casa Tu Papá / Te Juro Que Aunque Pasen Los Años/ Nunca Nos Vamos A Olvidar / Que El Diego Te Gambeteó / Que Cani Te Vacunó / Estás Llorando Desde Italia Hasta Hoy / A Messi Lo Vas A Ver / La Copa Nos Va A Traer / Maradona Es Más Grande Que Pelé"
Loosely translated as  -
Brazil, Tell Me How It Feels / To Be Bossed Around In Your Own Home / I Swear That Even If Years Pass / We Will Never Forget / That Diego [Maradona] Out-Skilled You / That Cani [Claudio Caniggia] Surprised You / You Are Crying Since Italy [World Cup 1990] Till Today / You Are Going To See Messi / The World Cup Will Be Ours / Maradona Is Greater Than Pelé

The love for each other.  Nice to see X  Saying all that, I expect Germany to win this match (if we consider players and style).  Brazil have struggled to find a rhythm without Neymar is like my car without an accelerator.  Put it on top of a hill and yeah…it can go quick….put it at the bottom of the hill, and boy is it going to struggle to get up…

Now, not to dismiss Netherlands (who play Argentina) and Germany (who play Brazil), if they were both to win, then again we have another two european nations, who on a football pitch, will certainly leave no stone unturned.   They have previously met in a final, 1974, with the Germans - West Germany as it was known then - coming out the victors (Technically Im not “old” enough to know, LOL, but I think that was the birth of the Cruyff turn).   For me though, as poor as they have been, to see Brazil get knocked out would be an anti climax.  That’s just me.  If I was German, I wouldn’t care about climaxing at this moment.  

Whatever the outcome, there will be two winners and two losers.  The losers will face the burden of being up for another game, with the winner getting the honour of….errrmmm…  oh yes, winning the 3rd placed match, why of course...  Traditionally the third place match is generally a high-scoring affair, with no match having seen fewer than three goals scored since Poland's 1-0 win over Brazil in 1974

The other semi final between the Dutch and Argentina y Las Malvinas takes place Wednesday.

Finally, that is one big grasshopper.

Happy Tuesday to you all.

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