Monday, 14 July 2014

Alexis Sanchez Baby

its a male thing....gotta be a male thing....  I went to be bed smiling....smiling at the fact Arsenal had signed a player of great Quality.  He is Chilean, he is a striker and he arrives with a reputation...KAPOW!!!  to all you fans who ripped us apart each and every summer in which we traditionally let go off our best players (as they went in search of trophy and medals, and board balanced books) and never replace them.  Last year we spent £42million on 1 player!  This year we have spent (note, the Royal "We") £35 million on 1 player...  thats two seasons in a row.  Not sure I can cope with the excitement.  Like an addict, 1 is never enough - Gimme more....more I tell you!!!!!

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