Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I'm Back - Its all about conflict

Hey, after a great world cup and a lot of fun I am back blogging again.
Lots to blog about too.  Currently I can't help but feel for Palestinians in Gaza.  The suffering of innocent people.  

Israel has a duty to stop.  It is not defending itself.  It is ethnic cleansing the area.

Israel says it tries and keeps civilian deaths to a minimum and specifically "targets" military targets.  Well, actually, Hamas is more specific, with only 2 Israeli civilians killed and more than 50 troops.  Put the shoe on the other foot and tell me how many Palestinian civilians have been murdered versus Hamas troops taken out....

Notice I refuse to label Hamas terrorist.  The simple fact is because one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

From what I can see, Israel is creating this hatred to them on purpose.  Like this they can justify having their military presence (on the basis of protecting itself), and also keep land it does not own as means of a buffer.

Did you know, Israel only allows Jewish citizens to vote...  Arab citizens of Israel have no Vote.  Which other country in the world could get away with such blatant racism and still pretend to be the persecuted???  

I wold love for there to be peace, but peace is not gained by ethnically cleansing an area.  Someone else will take issue so you will continually end up battling somebody, until all that is left is you.  Then what??

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